Integrating all manner of partners

PrintedDirect PrintedKit API

Direct to Press

With our API-first approach, we can either help you integrate directly to your systems or using the PrintedKit SDKs connect to services you're already integrated with.

Enfocus Switch

Workflow & Automation Systems

We've years of experience working with industry-leading software, and are proud to be agnostic. We won't tell you to rip everything out and start again, we'll work wit you to improve with what you have.

Chili Publish

Brand & Product Management

The PrintedDirect platform is endlessly scalable, so whether it's smart document templates, product management (PIM), digital asset management (DAM) or other, you'll be able to bring all processes together.

Fully integrate your workflow

Centralise Your Workflow

Consolidate your entire production process in our flexible, OEM-agnostic platform

Reduce Software Spend

Manage all your workflow needs from a single solution, eliminating the need for multiple legacy systems

Boost Efficiency

Enjoy streamlined operations and increase in productivity with our intelligent order routing, preflighting and validation

Eliminate Rework

Our gamified query system and press-specific file optimisation tools can reduce rework by up to 80%

Gain Visibility

Stay on top of your production with a comprehensive dashboard and real-time people, job and device tracking

Optimise logistics throughout the factory

Streamline Delivery

Effortlessly add new carriers and let us handle the integration details

No Maintenance Overhead

We take care of carrier API integrations, tracking, address verification, and label creation (or send us your own in the payload)

Maximise Your Savings

Unlock our beneficial distribution rates and reduce shipping costs by up to 40%

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage our analytics to optimise your costs, delivery performance, and shipping times

Some of the carrier options available

Unlock growth

Boost profitability and streamline operations with PrintedDirect's innovative solutions

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