Committed to more sustainable print practices

At PrintedDirect, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to drive positive change for our planet.

We're constantly seeking innovative ways to minimise our environmental impact, from utilising cutting-edge printing techniques that conserve resources to implementing waste reduction strategies and investing in eco-friendly materials.


With the environment at the forefront of our minds, we're committed to offsetting our carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy, carbon sequestration, and other sustainable initiatives. When you choose PrintedDirect, you're choosing a company that prioritises environmental responsibility and contributes to a greener future.


At PrintedDirect, we're actively pursuing ways to reduce waste and promote sustainability in our printing processes. We reuse ink cartridges whenever possible, and invest in cutting-edge technology that minimises paper usage, making every effort to minimise our environmental impact.


The Printed Group is committed to minimising waste and promoting sustainability, and we've achieved this by being a zero to landfill site. A staggering 95% of our waste is recycled and transformed into new products, while the remaining 5% is converted into Refuse Derived Fuel, making sure that every bit of waste we produce is put to good use.


Through constant innovation, we're removing plastic from our packaging and increasing our eco-friendly offerings. These changes are crucial for the environment and future generations. We're committed to continuously improving our sustainability practices and providing more sustainable options for our customers.

Discover eco-friendly products

Go green with sustainable printing

Take the first step towards a more environmentally responsible printing experience by exploring our selection of sustainable materials.

In today's digital age, it's more important than ever to make eco-conscious choices in every aspect of our lives, including printing. Explore sustainable alternatives to your favourite print materials without compromising on quality.

Visit the PrintedDirect Hub's product builder to discover a wide range of eco-friendly options, from recycled and plastic-free to carbon-neutral and FSC® certified. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to seamlessly integrate sustainable materials into your print projects and make a positive impact on the environment.

Our certifications

As part of The Printed Group, we are committed to sustainability in every aspect of our printing services. We not only implement eco-friendly practices in our own operations but also thoroughly evaluate and monitor the factories we integrate to ensure they meet our high standards for environmental responsibility. We assess each factory based on a range of sustainability metrics and only partner with those that align with our values and commitment to preserving our planet.

Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our certifications to Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and ISO Management standards. We pride ourselves on being a driving force for positive change, continually seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint and promote responsible practices throughout our supply chain. Join us in creating a greener future through our printing services.


As a Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody certified business, we're committed to sustainable practices and responsible forest management. This certification guarantees that our products originate from well-managed forests and that we operate with a long-term perspective. With PrintedDirect, you can trust that your printing needs are fulfilled while contributing to a better future for forests, communities, and businesses.

ISO 14001

Our certification entails monitoring and evaluation of our environmental performance, including waste management and resource efficiency. This ensures that we meet high standards of sustainability and accountability in our operations.

ISO 9001

This certification demonstrates our steadfast commitment to providing top-notch print and service to our customers. As an internationally recognised standard, it ensures that you can rely on us to deliver the highest quality, time after time. At PrintedDirect, we believe this certification is a reflection of our ongoing dedication to excellence and our determination to exceed your expectations.

Our tree-lovers

Meet our sustainability team, the eco-warriors leading the charge to make our business as environmentally responsible as possible.

Neil Beattie

Group IT Manager

Neil leads The Printed Group's sustainability team. At the helm, our carbon-neutral voyage is one anchored by experience, passion, and a devotion to the earth.

Emma Taylor,

Emma Taylor

Product Specialist,

Emma, is committed to finding eco-friendly materials and sourcing sustainable products. With her passion for the environment, she is a key driver of our eco-friendly initiatives.

David Duncan

Production Director, The Printed Group

With his elephant-like memory, David never forgets to keep our sustainability goals on track, ensuring every decision is made with the environment in mind.