Say Goodbye to printing complexities.

PrintedDirect gives you end-to-end workflow and print production automation at scale, whatever the size of your business.

Under the hood

Innovative Print Automation

No more drag and drag, no more decisions based on "what ifs", we direct this for you using the data fed into the system, machine learning at it's best.

Preflight & Prepress Validation

Our platform accepts anything! Throw us a Word document if you have to, our platform will take it, review it, report on it and even fix it. If it can't we'll let you know.

Intelligent Routing

Our voting system listens and learns, taking your criteria for quality and excellence and making choices of where your work goes based on your rules.

Introducing Hub

The control center for your print ordering and production

  • Restriction-based products
  • Intelligent shipping options
  • Global print network
  • Full job, artwork and device visibility
  • 24/7 chat and email support
  • Free to use, no minimum quantities

Simple order management, extensive workflow visibility

  • User-friendly management interface
  • Comprehensive dashboard overview of orders and jobs
  • Extensive search and filtering options
  • Real-time status updates and tracking information
  • Automate artwork handling
  • Query management system to handle any issues

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